On parties, Parties, orgies and whorehouses (no, really, philosophy)

Dear Stefano,

Since I’m trying to learn English, I’ll write to you in English unless you prefer to hear home’s sounds (well, to read them, I mean). I will err, yo will fix, ok? (Anyway I am not the Pope, I’m higher, the Emmanuele).

How’s it going in San Francisco? What are you doing there? Do you still work with the Free Software Foundation? Those were damn good times for me! We tried hard to put in those left-wing heads that copyleft didn’t necessarily mean to be communist uh? Right-wings had no heads then, right? How much time has passed? 30 years? I’m afraid Communists and the Chinese Communist Party are in perfect shape. In Silicon Valley, I mean, isn’t it? Well, however, the best things of those times were April Fools, remember?

Ok so, what’s doing an architect in San Francisco? Have you tried to enhance the Golden Gate? Is it still golden or do they make it out of bitcoin now? Beware of collapses!

No, seriously, how is it going there?

Here in Rome, very well! CoViD cases are increasing. Still, I’m pretty optimistic: this time we will saturate the assigned quota of graves filling it with stupid people instead of the elders, like the last time.

Dumbheads! They now meet all together in public spaces, without masks, spitting each other in the face and crying against a global complot. I love ’em. What’s better?

Someone calls them: the Chickens. Chickens are not so high on intelligence. Intelligence doesn’t matter anyway. You know, chickens were used in World War I to understand if Mustard gas was in the trenches. They stay near the floor and gas is heavier than air, so they die first and you put on the mask. First caught, first served. Do you know that Big Pharma now is using Mustard gas against cancer? Damned Reptilians! We all need a little bit of cold blood.

However, this time we can raise the national IQ. Woah! Intelligence doesn’t matter anyway. But stupidity does. Ok, IQ is not the GDP yet, but that will come later according to the economist Cipolla.

So, talking about stupid people. I’ll have a Youtube show sooner or later, I just have to find a professional couple dancing behind my back to fill up the pauses.

I would like to organize an online meeting on stupidity laws by Prof. Carlo M. Cipolla. In fact, I’m preparing a petition to turn the fourth law of Cipolla, into the first one of the gravity. With a decent number of signatures, I’ll do. Newton and Maxwell already signed. A guy from South Africa is making me a transfer of a few million dollars to support the cause. He has English worse than mine, though. I also have some hundred signatures of constitutionalists left over from the last referendum to make up the number. Nothing of the constitutionalists is ever thrown away.

Nonetheless, the fourth law of Cipolla should be engraved on every doorframe: «Dumbheads, do not trespass!» I love to sleep on doormats.

Do you know I have another Party now? Not my property indeed! I have always appreciated having a Party to have parties in. Now they (the Regime, I mean, that long story you know), they, I said, banned parties, and Parties banning is near. Italy is that country where even fascism is of clownish sadness.

For instance, now you can have parties with only six people. In a while, you’ll also have only six-people Parties, and no more. They want to make the collection of election signatures easier. You need just 16,666.66667 Parties to enrol a person in electoral lists. (Please note that fractional part of parties multiplies into integer people. They are fucking Nobel prizes of politics.)

Unfortunately, in six you can’t even do a proper orgy and Parties are yet a mess, and a whorehouse too. I don’t know. I think parties, Parties, orgies and whorehouses should be a whole lot more reliable than these. However. If you like chaos and beers, you should be a Pirate. I think Italy’s the best possible habitat nowadays for a Pirate. You can’t only see the infamous two unicorns, but for the rest, we have all the likely beasts in circulation. It’s a damn shooting party (meaning at your choice).

Anyway, I am not bored. I enrolled in University. I’m attending Philosophy. Have you anything against philosophy? As you are an architect, I think you’ve taken life with plenty of philosophy. As an engineer, I ever took architects with a busload of philosophy. To each, his own philosophy!

However, I got 13 exams. I will do the next two in a week. One will be on the virtues of the ancients Greeks, the other on the infinity of the Evil in Aristoteles. In practice: what you say something positive in the first, you can say negative in the second. Choose the right exams, be at half of the graduation! Don’t ever try to give regularities to an engineer.

Ok, my time’s over now. I fear you now have to waste some time with me. Tell me your life story, without sparing humour. f you don’t have time,, you can well sign up in the Pirate Party, without sparing a temper.

Listen. How can I convince you? We are more than six. Aha!