Causes I advocate

We became radical because we thought we had insuperable solitudes and dissimilarities from people, and therefore a deep alternative thirst, harsher, more “radical” than others… We don’t “make the politicians”, the congressmen, the leaders… We fight for what we owe and for what we believe. And this is the difference that sooner or later, hopefully not too late, you will have to understand.

M. Pannella
Partito PirataThe Pirate Party in Italy supports civil rights, direct democracy (including e-democracy) or alternative participation in government, reform of copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge (open content), information privacy, transparency, freedom of information, free speech, anti-corruption and net neutrality. I am the President of the Congress and I host the weekly assembly online.
PWS - Progetto Winston SmithPWS – Progetto Winston Smith is the oldest e-privacy advocate organization in Italy dating back the ’90s. With Marco Calamari, I’m the organizer of the e-privacy event twice a year.
CRVDCRVD — Committee for the Requirements of Vote in Democracy provides a resource and documentation center on the problems of the adoption of the voting procedures in the new forms of democratic participation. I take care of the secretariat.