About Emmanuele

Humble programmer of the 1968 class,  long-standing maverick in tech-rights scene, Emmanuele played for profit in the ranks of some Italian government departments and national authority. He has also played for fun in the Free Software Foundation Europe and other organizations in the FOSS world. In 1994 he wrote the manifesto for the first Italian organization for protecting digital rights (LE.CI.TI, the League of telematics citizens) and in 2009 founded Agora Digitale, also volunteering the board of directors. He has published dozens of technical articles and a book on the copyright case: No SCOpyright! (SCO against Linux), and digital voting (The HERMES Guide to Digital Voting) has created the GNU/Linux Magazine and managed other programming and Internet magazines. Over time, he had fun to sue Business Software Alliance (finally punished) but afterwards amiably twitted with their new president (when the former was dismissed); to infringe, as nonviolent action, minister Urbani decree against peer-to-peer and to sue Urbani himself for the infringement to his own decree; to find the Italian “Interministerial Commission on digital content in the Internet age (e-content)” involved into plagiarism; to verify the lack of transparency in electronic voting and such other amenities. Nowadays, his focus is on artreligiondata, programming, politics, novel writing and doing some other things that make life better.